As a leading press image and artist agency, it is of particular concern to us to always act responsibly and ethically. This is reflected in our Compliance Policy, which constitutes the foundation for our business activities.

We are proud to maintain the highest standards in all areas of our company and to show integrity in our actions. Compliance means for us to comply with all relevant laws, international conduct standards, and internal guidelines in all areas of our activities.

Our Compliance Policy obliges us to treat customers, suppliers, business partners, artists, and all other stakeholders fairly. We are committed to the following principles:

  • We support fair competition conditions in all markets.
  • Corruption is not tolerated in any form.
  • We maintain a respectful and fair relationship with each other.
  • Responsibility for society, environment, and health is of great concern to us.
  • We secure the protection of personal data by complying with applicable laws.

We are aware that complying with these principles is a daily challenge. Nevertheless, we are convinced that only through consistent implementation of our Compliance Policy can long-term success and a positive reputation of our company be guaranteed.